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American Schooner


The Association acknowledges the efforts of members with the following two member awards.

American Schooner Association Award

The American Schooner Association Award is given in recognition of an individual who has provided great service to the Association or the schooner community. 

Year Recipient
1977 Frank Braynard and Barclay Warburton III
1978 Charles Gregory Jr.
1979 Not Awarded
1980 Not Awarded
1981 Jonathan Wilson
1982 Francis E. Bowker
1983 George Stadel Jr.
1984 Not Awarded
1985 Linda & Douglas Lee and John Foss
1986 Samuel E. Hoyt
1987 Edward Murphy
1988 Not Awarded
1989 Peter H. G. Phillipps
1991 Not Awarded
1992 Mystic Seaport Museum
1993 South Street Seaport for the Lettie G. Howard
1994 Not Awarded
1995 Not Awarded
1996 Bill Aymes
1997 Not Awarded

Gannon & Benjamin Shipyard

1999 Meghan Wren
Year Recipient
2000 Lane Briggs
2001 Not Awarded
2002 George Moffet Capt of Brilliant
2003 Gina Webster
2004 John Moorshead
2005 Joe Garland and City of Gloucester
2006 Robert Pulsch
2007 Not Awarded
2008 Northwest Maritime Center & Woodenboat Foundation
2009 Mary Anne Mcquillan
2010 Harold Burnham
2011 Gannon & Benjamin Shipyard and Phineas & Joanna Sprague
2012 Paul Gray
2013 Roger Worthington
2014 Nan Nawrocki
2015 Al Bezanson
2016 Samuel E. Hoyt
2017 Dana Hewson, Mystic Seaport
2018 Cheryl Andrews
2019 Steve White, Mystic Seaport
2021 Captain John Eginton


Voyager Award

New in 2015, the Voyager Award, named in honor of Peter and Jeanette Phillipps and their extensive travels aboard their Alden schooner Voyager, is given to a member who has undertaken significant voyages on their private vessel. 

Year Recipient
2014 Richard Hudson

Lee Werth


Jamie Weisman (posthumously)

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