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American Schooner Association Third Thursday Webinar - Rebuilding and re-rigging "Del Viento"

  • 17 Sep 2020
  • 7:30 PM
  • On-line Zoom Hosted Webinar

Association Member Mark Hall will share his experiences rebuilding and re-rigging Del Viento, a Tom Colvin Tamarack schooner.

Mark retired in 2011 after serving 35 years as an Episcopal priest and Air Force chaplain. He bought the Del Viento as a retirement project. After 18 months on “the hard” gutting and rebuilding the vessel, she was launched in December 2012.

Del Viento has sailed in two Great San Francisco Schooner Races, and twice in the America’s Cup Schooner Race in San Diego (with the “perfect” record of being last in every race.) In 2015, Del Viento sailed in the Baja-ha-ha. In 2018, Mark and wife Susan sailed back to the Sea of Cortez and they currently keep the vessel in Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico.

Mark will talk about the problems of rebuilding and re-rigging. How he adapted some modern materials for a very traditional gaff rig, including using slices of 8 inch PVC pipe for mast hoops, building blocks, and parceling and serving dyneema for shrouds. He will also include bright ideas that turned out not so good. Almost everything in the rebuild and re-rig was done solo.

Del Viento is 34 feet on deck, with a spar length of 45 feet. Her beam is 10 feet and draws four feet. Displacement is just shy of nine tons. She is rigged as a traditional American gaff schooner with two head sails, a main topsail, and a fisherman.

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