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The American Schooner Association produces a newsletter, Wing & Wing on a periodic basis. The content of Wing & Wing is created by members and we are always looking for new content. If you have are working on a project or have taken an interesting trip or have something you would like to share with the membership, contact us at

LVII Number 4, Winter 2023

Boothbay Harbor Shipyard Classic Regatta

By Peter Thompson

The Annual Boothbay Harbor Shipyard Classic Regatta (BHSCR) was run this year on July 23rd and 24th and is a sailing event in the Classic Yachts Challenge series that proceeds the perhaps better-known Camden and Castine Classics, the Camden Feeder Race and the Eggemoggin Reach Regatta.  This was the first year a separate schooner class was established at the BHSCR and a report on the event is provided herein in case the event aligns with other schooner member 2023 sailing plans in Maine.  The regatta is a two-day event sponsored by the Boothbay Harbor Yacht Club and the classic side is a rebirth of the older Hodgdon Shipyard Classic event. 

The event is designed to accommodate a wide variety of vessels from classic day sailors, cruising classes, PHRF, Spirit of Tradition, Vintage Classics fleets of different sizes, which included the likes of the Clinton Crane designed 12-meter Gleam, Schaeffer’s S&S yacht Edlu II (now Blackwatch), Herreshoff’s NY 40 Marilee and other notable classic vessels that are great fun to sail with.  The schooner fleet this year consisted of Gannon and Benjamin’s Rebecca of Vineyard Haven (now affiliated with Mystic Seaport), the Herreshoff designed Narwhal and Alden designed Lion’s Whelp and Blackbird.  The regatta is a two-day event with from one to two races sailed each day in amongst the picturesque Damariscotta Islands.  The races are handy capped according to Classic Yacht Owners Association measurement system, allowing all vessels in a class to complete equally.  The Principal Race Officer (PRO) running the starting line was Hank Stuart and we are glad to hear he will be returning in 2023.  Hank is one of the best and runs a very tight line with creative courses that are challenging and fun to sail.  Race rules are governed by current US Sailing rules, which descend from the venerable North American Yacht Racing Union (NAYRU) racing rules that many may remember growing up with as kids.

Social events were well attended including skippers and owners’ dinner, reception and dock party at Bristol Marine’s Boothbay Harbor Shipyard, parade of sail and the reception and awards at the BHYC following the final race. For more information, please see  

First day of racing winds were light and variable with three of four schooners finishing in order of Narwhal, Rebecca and Lions Welp; Blackbird retired.  Two races were held the next day with increasingly heavier air, on windward – reach - reach three leg courses with both Narwhal and Blackbird trading 1st and 3rd, Rebecca 2nd and Lions Whelp 4th in both races.  The final overall results were Narwhal 1st, Rebecca 2nd, Blackbird 3rd and Lion’s Whelp 4th.  It’s the best run racing event I have attended in the last 30 years and we hope to attract additional schooners in 2023.  We also expect Tyrone to attend in 2023.

Above: Lion’s Whelp, Narwhal and Blackbird hard on the wind at starting line Day 2, first race

Above:  Narwhal, Lion’s Welp, Rebecca lining up Parade of Sail




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